Ankle Breaker Skills 2019

👍 Ankle Breaker Skills 2019 ⚽🔥


  1. Francisco Foes

    Francisco Foes

    Mese fa

    Horrible song

  2. Caio Oliveira

    Caio Oliveira

    Mese fa

    Nenhum chega perto do que Messi fez com Boateng.

  3. Andre Henrique

    Andre Henrique

    Mese fa

    O palmeiras não tem mundial

  4. Haroldo Ribeiro Ribeiro

    Haroldo Ribeiro Ribeiro

    Mese fa

    É que vocês não viram o drible do Ataliba do Corinthians contra o S Paulo na final do Paulistão/83 . Kkkkkkkkk

  5. GTA 2020 Antonio

    GTA 2020 Antonio

    Mese fa

  6. Zakaria Qamar

    Zakaria Qamar

    5 mesi fa


  7. ChanHong Ooi

    ChanHong Ooi

    7 mesi fa

    this video clip is shit

  8. Mohit


    9 mesi fa

    Which song??

  9. Kishan M

    Kishan M

    11 mesi fa

    Forgetting your groceries 1:13 Going back to get it 1:15

  10. Henry Silva

    Henry Silva

    11 mesi fa

    Music plss

  11. PsPs PsPs

    PsPs PsPs

    Anno fa

    3:43 Song ?

  12. PsPs PsPs

    PsPs PsPs

    Anno fa

    3:45 Name of sound ? Nome do som instrumental ?

  13. Justin Bela

    Justin Bela

    Anno fa

    Cool 😊😊😊

  14. Charlie mahon

    Charlie mahon

    Anno fa

    I don't need to ankle break someone to break there ankles I just kick them

  15. Krisi


    Anno fa

    Dzsudzsi végül megtalálta a gyufát? :D

  16. 尺モれ丹れム.匚丹ㄥU爪乃工


    Anno fa

    R.i.P Savic

  17. Henry Silva

    Henry Silva

    Anno fa

    qual eh o nome dessa musica?

  18. Yarline Viera

    Yarline Viera

    Anno fa

    The best Meg was when Suarez tunnel him when he turned around

  19. Larbi Madrid

    Larbi Madrid

    Anno fa

    0:17 somebody call an ambulance

  20. Larbi Madrid

    Larbi Madrid

    Anno fa

    2:33 tha man is dead💀💀☠☠

  21. Marvin José

    Marvin José

    Anno fa

    2:42 😅😅

  22. Peter sam

    Peter sam

    Anno fa

    Song name??

  23. ZANGADØo


    Anno fa

    2:07 aii

  24. الأسد في زمن الخرفان الأسد في زمن الخرفان

    الأسد في زمن الخرفان الأسد في زمن الخرفان

    Anno fa

    subscribed channel for new videos please

  25. Leo Zuniga

    Leo Zuniga

    Anno fa

    Catchy ass fuking song lol

  26. Neto 1899

    Neto 1899

    Anno fa

    Suso and Savic 2:05🚨🚑🚨🚑🚷

  27. Rishiv Rajak

    Rishiv Rajak

    Anno fa

    What is the name of the track song😜

  28. Brayan Villanueva

    Brayan Villanueva

    Anno fa

    Como se llama la canción del video?

  29. Jimbo Nator

    Jimbo Nator

    Anno fa

    Anyone know what the outro song is called?

  30. Dan Muriuki

    Dan Muriuki

    Anno fa

    2:07 The player went right to sleep, he literally pulled up the covers 😂😂

  31. Willy Peralta

    Willy Peralta

    Anno fa

    Name the one song?

  32. Tamjid Monnan

    Tamjid Monnan

    Anno fa

    You really need to have another look at what an ankle break is

  33. SerbianOrtodox 7875

    SerbianOrtodox 7875

    Anno fa


  34. marrone flam12

    marrone flam12

    Anno fa

    Cadê a do Everton Ribeiro

  35. Josefo


    Anno fa


  36. Jesus Leonardo Sandoya alume

    Jesus Leonardo Sandoya alume

    Anno fa

    Muy buen video

  37. _SteeLs_AparTmenT


    Anno fa

    If this was all RONALDINHO they all wouldve ended with GOALS 🤙🏽🤙🏽

  38. Lucas Alves

    Lucas Alves

    Anno fa

    0:54 três caras no chão com apenas 3 toques na bola

    • Lucas Alves

      Lucas Alves

      9 mesi fa

      @Omar Abumokaibil I don't know him, but the narrator said "Shoya Nakajima".

    • Omar Abumokaibil

      Omar Abumokaibil

      9 mesi fa

      What is his name

  39. Henry Silva

    Henry Silva

    Anno fa

    alguém sabe qual o nome dá música que foi usada?

  40. Its Mukiwa

    Its Mukiwa

    Anno fa

    Name of the song in the end???

  41. NoobMaster 69

    NoobMaster 69

    Anno fa

    Only came here for Milinkovic-Savic

  42. OfficialBaconHair- Roblox

    OfficialBaconHair- Roblox

    Anno fa

    2:16 r.i.p milinkovic savic he got injured by that lol

  43. Med Az

    Med Az

    Anno fa

    اين هوا صلاح انا لا اراه

  44. Dennis Muigai

    Dennis Muigai

    Anno fa

    Did see much on Dele move...normal move

  45. Ronald Perez

    Ronald Perez

    Anno fa

    Faltó la de Messi a Milner, Cristiano a Piqué, Iniesta a Azpilicueta.....

  46. うめさま


    Anno fa


  47. On baby

    On baby

    Anno fa

    Bruh Danny rose is a god at this

  48. Alex Fast

    Alex Fast

    Anno fa

    Martial’s ankle breaker is missing!

  49. Abdourahmane


    Anno fa

    The beat please.

  50. ضحكة وفرجة

    ضحكة وفرجة

    Anno fa


  51. Jimmy Francois

    Jimmy Francois

    Anno fa

    They just playing dirty

  52. beats_by mk

    beats_by mk

    Anno fa

    0:38 q coluna quebrou?

  53. michael


    Anno fa


  54. PapasConJamon


    Anno fa

    Good video bro 👍🔥

  55. PokemonPlaysFootball S

    PokemonPlaysFootball S

    Anno fa

    Persic has done that skill a few times and mainly it works.....

  56. José Luis Segura Yuste

    José Luis Segura Yuste

    Anno fa

    Y Messi? xD

  57. Rayhan Nugraha

    Rayhan Nugraha

    Anno fa

    I think 1:24 isn't really an ankle breaker, it's just a missed tackle

  58. oshone Shokpeka

    oshone Shokpeka

    Anno fa

    Nutmeg and slide takes aren't ankle breakers. Good video tho

  59. Abdulrahman


    Anno fa

    You can clearly see the difference between the world class and decent players. The decision making after these dribbles is one of the things that make a world class player the player that he is.

  60. Bolang Kuala indah

    Bolang Kuala indah

    Anno fa


  61. Mohamed Benlagraa

    Mohamed Benlagraa

    Anno fa

    Mahrez king of dribbling

  62. Musti Dönmez

    Musti Dönmez

    Anno fa

    1:02 Vido name ?

  63. Diego Nuñez

    Diego Nuñez

    Anno fa

    Hecho por un fan del Barcelona

  64. Ball Bandars

    Ball Bandars

    Anno fa


  65. Guță


    Anno fa

    1:43 that s just awsome

  66. David Jr.

    David Jr.

    Anno fa

    Faltou o do Messi

  67. Juan Axl

    Juan Axl

    Anno fa


  68. Joilson Campos

    Joilson Campos

    Anno fa

    Até Neymar 😂😂😂😂😂

  69. manuel ferdando parra alvares

    manuel ferdando parra alvares

    Anno fa

    Suso forza AC Milan !!!

  70. Aymen_DZ_ -

    Aymen_DZ_ -

    Anno fa

    You forgot brahimi

  71. Rodriguiinn


    Anno fa

    Pra onde que o Neymar foi ? Kkkkk

  72. Davi Melo

    Davi Melo

    Anno fa


  73. Davi Melo

    Davi Melo

    Anno fa

    Tye you tes colon

  74. علي بن عمران

    علي بن عمران

    Anno fa

    محرز يا معذبهم 👍

  75. Nsro Kb

    Nsro Kb

    Anno fa

    0.18 is the best reyade mherez

  76. Just Riyad

    Just Riyad

    Anno fa

    Done this to my grandma yesterday now she’s in hospital and only has 3 days

  77. Professor Keu Channel

    Professor Keu Channel

    Anno fa

    Japanese* guy messed them up

  78. Vitinho 10

    Vitinho 10

    Anno fa


  79. Jhovanny JR García

    Jhovanny JR García

    Anno fa

    Como Se Llama La Primera Canción?

  80. Yalcin mo

    Yalcin mo

    Anno fa

    0:20 its riad Mahrez 26⚽️⚽️

  81. GUI Baroni

    GUI Baroni

    Anno fa

    Desculpe mas fAltou ronaldingo

  82. Wesley Ferreira

    Wesley Ferreira

    Anno fa

    NEYMAR ??

  83. David Santos

    David Santos

    Anno fa

    Faltou alguns do neymar...

  84. Sta Rrt

    Sta Rrt

    Anno fa


  85. nika gogiberidze

    nika gogiberidze

    Anno fa

    messi vs huesca?

  86. Leonardo Cardarelli

    Leonardo Cardarelli

    Anno fa


  87. Maycon Douglas

    Maycon Douglas

    Anno fa

    Faltou o drible do Everton Ribeiro contra o Atlético-MG

    • Maycon Douglas

      Maycon Douglas

      Anno fa

      @Henrique Silva sei não brother

    • Henrique Silva

      Henrique Silva

      Anno fa

      tu sabe qual eh o nome dessa música?

  88. Péter Sugár

    Péter Sugár

    Anno fa

    0:41 this is only a panna, Alli still over rated

  89. Inaiara Santhiago

    Inaiara Santhiago

    Anno fa

    Vídeo bosta, se for fazer faz direito jovem, cadê as quebras do fenômeno do bruxo e de Ney caicai e dentre outros, aí vai vc é bota um monte de perna de pal kkkkk

  90. Wellington Alves

    Wellington Alves

    Anno fa

    02:12 depois dessa eu me aposentaria kkkkk

  91. Carlos Ponce

    Carlos Ponce

    Anno fa

    Who is 0:17?

  92. Youtube 2k

    Youtube 2k

    Anno fa

    Some of them weren’t ankle breaker cause the grass is wet

  93. syahgiel aunal

    syahgiel aunal

    Anno fa

    In fact, the field is wet😅

  94. syahgiel aunal

    syahgiel aunal

    Anno fa

    Even though I'm a Madridista, I admit that Suarez's tricks in the video are good👍🏻🧛‍♂️

  95. NINJA TM


    Anno fa

    Galera porvavor pasa la no meu ca nal blz



    Anno fa

    Top sou muito seu fã

  97. Leandro Santos

    Leandro Santos

    Anno fa

    Que lixo

  98. AnR


    Anno fa

    These are REAL ankle breakers, not just players getting by 🤯

  99. Norma Benitez

    Norma Benitez

    Anno fa

    Les faltó la mejor, cuando messi dejo sin cadera a Boateng y de paso le hizo un lujo de gol Manuel Neuer ⚽

  100. ZYOS


    Anno fa

    *Akashi* ...kuroko no Basket

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