Goals that science can't explain

👍 Goals that science can't explain

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  1. Eron Silva

    Eron Silva

    2 ore fa

    Achei que iria estar na lista aquele gol de falta do Roberto Carlos contra a França.

  2. gideon muchina

    gideon muchina

    2 ore fa

    Actually the one by messi was analysed by scientists nd they had a hard time explaining his acceleration which was just impossible

  3. Марат Ганеев

    Марат Ганеев

    Giorno fa

    Причём тут наука

  4. Yumma


    4 giorni fa

    P(x; μ) = (e-μ) (μx) / x!

  5. Бей Беги

    Бей Беги

    4 giorni fa


  6. MR.Satoshi


    5 giorni fa

    The missing goal of Raí was missing from that list in the final of the Club World Cup between Barcelona x São Paulo

  7. john maina

    john maina

    9 giorni fa

    Neuer has given assists to some pretty good goals

  8. Y T Series

    Y T Series

    16 giorni fa

    Everyone is commenting,science can easily explain these goals.Do u guys know something called"JOKE" or "FUN"

  9. Jorge Fernandes

    Jorge Fernandes

    20 giorni fa

    nossa mano, cada gol de arrepiar

  10. Benjamin Jones

    Benjamin Jones

    23 giorni fa

    Only science can explain these goals. Click bait = double thumbs down. Great goals though.

  11. חשבון אחר

    חשבון אחר

    23 giorni fa

    Things that science can't explain: - The existence of god. - Is the universe infinite? - These goals. 🤔

  12. Shane Warne

    Shane Warne

    25 giorni fa

    The only thing science can't explain is how little the uploader know about science.

  13. NasaCEO


    25 giorni fa

    imagine believing in science..

  14. ksbm78


    26 giorni fa

    Footie and hockey clips have the worst music on youtube

  15. Kevin's Channel

    Kevin's Channel

    27 giorni fa

    All nice goals but perfectly explainable by science



    27 giorni fa

    2:12 😈

  17. Roberto Barros

    Roberto Barros

    Mese fa

    Stupid title.

  18. Alvin C

    Alvin C

    Mese fa

    I went to write a hate comment but everyone’s already done it for me😅

  19. Mauricio Ospina

    Mauricio Ospina

    Mese fa

    Beautiful goals for sure. Simply amazing! But I had to stop watching when it clearly didn’t have anything to do with the title. Change the title of the video! It’s simply false advertising and you wasted my time. I thought I’d watch an interesting video but instead I got more fantastic sports plays!

  20. Mauricio Ospina

    Mauricio Ospina

    Mese fa

    I hate that they’re trying and succeeding to get more views with false advertising and by mocking science and scientists with this video. Bad behaviour all around.

  21. labzoli


    Mese fa

    Science can explain every goals! Key word: Magnus effect

  22. Sanket Panse

    Sanket Panse

    Mese fa

    whats the song name

  23. Landy216


    Mese fa

    Why is it that every montage of European soccer highlights must included some cheesy music? It boggles the mind.

  24. Safe Dreams Image Bliss

    Safe Dreams Image Bliss

    Mese fa

    I kinda dig some of this music.

  25. Brian synoptic Nyambi

    Brian synoptic Nyambi

    Mese fa

    I don't see what science can't explain

  26. Edward Torres

    Edward Torres

    Mese fa

    Obviously whoever runs this channel needs to google the Magnus Effect. 🤦‍♂️

  27. CrociatoAzzurro


    Mese fa

    Every goal here was beautiful.

  28. Mohamed Rafik Talbi

    Mohamed Rafik Talbi

    Mese fa

    Initial Velocity, change in velocity, wind force, momentum, friction, Earth's gravitational pull, basic Physics shit

  29. samrathassan


    Mese fa

    Where is Ronaldinho's goal of 2002 world cup against England?

  30. Chaturanger


    Mese fa

    L'effet Magnus. S'applique aussi au baseball (balle courbe). Facile à expérimenter avec un balle de ping pong.

  31. Mario Ramirez

    Mario Ramirez

    Mese fa

    Take off the dayum music jesus

  32. Salvador Mendez

    Salvador Mendez

    Mese fa

    How do you not include hand of God...

  33. Just Doing It Jim

    Just Doing It Jim

    Mese fa

    Yes, science can explain these goals. The poster only believes in magic and doesn't believe in science!

  34. Leandro Dolce

    Leandro Dolce

    Mese fa

    Tudo gol comum... Gols que desafiam a ciência só 2: Roberto Carlos de falta contra a França e Oséas na final entre Palmeiras e Cruzeiro pela Copa do Brasil.

  35. A C

    A C

    Mese fa

    horrible annoying "music" makes this un-watchable

  36. emin uysal

    emin uysal

    Mese fa

    Ronaldonun şu golü gereksiz abartılıyor

  37. dead person

    dead person

    Mese fa

    This was the worst click bait I've ever seen. Most of it is just putting curve on the ball. The rest is called being athletic.

  38. Whatsthepoint


    Mese fa

    it would of been better without the shit music.

  39. Amish Mishra

    Amish Mishra

    Mese fa

    I can't see Ronaldo's penalty kick as it is the only goal science cannot explain

  40. x1zy


    Mese fa

    I can explain it, 70% skill, 30% lucky..if you dont agree means you are too lazy and never played or was good playing football...easy

  41. youngbock


    Mese fa


  42. Prismatic


    Mese fa

    Lol the title..

  43. Sanket Kolte

    Sanket Kolte

    Mese fa

    Pls someone fill Common "Science" in creators brain😑

  44. West Country Adventure

    West Country Adventure

    Mese fa

    Just as boring of a sport as Baseball, football, hockey and basketball!

  45. Mind Jal

    Mind Jal

    Mese fa

    I’m very surprised none of Roberto Carlos goals were in this

  46. neoKGaming


    Mese fa

    I lost all faith in science.

  47. Azhar Uddin

    Azhar Uddin

    Mese fa

    Lol science .. I can explain everything

  48. Lucas Rezende

    Lucas Rezende

    Mese fa

    R. Carlos Brasil x Italy

  49. Ghost XX

    Ghost XX

    Mese fa

    👎Because of the music.

  50. Farley Souza

    Farley Souza

    Mese fa

    Cadê o gol do Roberto Carlos pela seleção brasileira????????????

  51. Ярослав Киричук

    Ярослав Киричук

    Mese fa

    where is goal from Andrei Shevchenko in the match with Juventus👏👏👏

  52. CosmoProbe


    Mese fa

    Next video: science that soccer players can't explain.

  53. S A

    S A

    Mese fa

    All the scientists in the comment section debunking these goals

  54. CCC XYZ


    Mese fa

    Goals that science couldn't explain 3000 years ago

  55. Beni Auloni

    Beni Auloni

    Mese fa

    The only thing science cant explain here is your idiot brain....yes you who made this video



    Mese fa

    Who is the number 9 at 3:55 ? Ronaldo the first ?

  57. خالد احمد

    خالد احمد

    Mese fa

    Salm aldosery on tob

  58. Stadingrabo7


    Mese fa

    only magic can explain these

  59. Fikret Mazı

    Fikret Mazı

    Mese fa

    Appiahin golu neden yok 🥱

  60. You Yes You

    You Yes You

    Mese fa

    Science can explain it, but they're smart enough to not waste their time on this kiddies game

  61. Space Lemur

    Space Lemur

    Mese fa

    Are you seeking out the dummies of the world, the gullible? Brother, these goals are not magic or supernatural, nothing is. 👎x10

  62. buntatz Clash Royale 2017

    buntatz Clash Royale 2017

    Mese fa

    Curving need technique, speed and windspeed. Sciences can explain it precisely.even math does.admin please go to school

  63. Hec Man

    Hec Man

    Mese fa

    Does your science not consist of aerodynamics?

  64. sir Atamooni

    sir Atamooni

    Mese fa

    I hope someday science can explain these.

  65. Vishal


    Mese fa

    goals that science can't explain me : Imma stop you right there

  66. abdollah abbasimoghaddam

    abdollah abbasimoghaddam

    Mese fa

    Do you know about science😅

  67. G.Martín Lozano

    G.Martín Lozano

    Mese fa

    Chicos inexplicable es como baja la pelota desafiando la física en el tiro libre de Maradona jugando para napoli contra Juventus y son tan mamertos q no lo pusieron.

  68. Martin Daniell

    Martin Daniell

    Mese fa

    Science: "Yeah... Ok." (SMH)

  69. Engelbert Carrillo

    Engelbert Carrillo

    Mese fa

    I wonder if people ever get fired for using dumb ass fucken clickbait captions like these?

  70. Vijayakumar Rajendren

    Vijayakumar Rajendren

    Mese fa

    Title is just a bait. That what brought us here.

  71. Andrei Bucur

    Andrei Bucur

    Mese fa


  72. Edgar Cardona

    Edgar Cardona

    Mese fa

    lol "science cant explain" how stupid do you have to be to put a title like that on a football video

  73. Thomas H

    Thomas H

    Mese fa

    Science can’t explain the absolutely shitty editing of this video. Here’s a clue, people don’t like watching quick cuts and even worse, partial quick cuts where you don’t even show the whole goal shot.

  74. naval bhatt

    naval bhatt

    Mese fa

    stupid title ..

  75. Drew Sullivan

    Drew Sullivan

    Mese fa

    Pretty sure science can explain all of these goals

  76. BAzzA Gaming

    BAzzA Gaming

    Mese fa

    6:20 Superman?)

  77. Margeret Bruck

    Margeret Bruck

    Mese fa

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  78. Hakan Telci

    Hakan Telci

    Mese fa

    Bunların hepsi palavradır.herkes çok dikkatli seyretsin lütfen.yıldız oyunculara dokunmuyorlarki rahat rahat o golleri atsınlar diye.resmen çok büyük bir tiyatro oynanıyor dünyanın gözü önünde.bazı gollerde tamamen tesadüf.okadarda olsun.inanmayın artık bu pavralara

  79. Happy Grandpa

    Happy Grandpa

    Mese fa

    Still love Robin V Persies goal for Manchester United. Rooney hit the ball high in the air from his own half and Robin V volleys it as it comes over his head in the net. Superb !!



    Mese fa

    Es obra dela magia

  81. duncan macleod

    duncan macleod

    Mese fa

    Met ou est le but de umtiti ou van basten c est pas sérieux les copains lol

  82. Jeffinetly JefFBi

    Jeffinetly JefFBi

    Mese fa

    Way more impressive than American "football" these guys actually have skill

  83. jack Martin

    jack Martin

    Mese fa

    can someone explain to me how this channel has 3.95M subs with content/titling as ridiculously so far from logic its unexplainable how they thought it up and proceeded to select clips they thought were worthy of this title? EDIT: p.s youtube is becoming a joke in itself their should be the same level of background checks you get buying a gun, in order to create a channel.

    • Chainz YT

      Chainz YT

      Mese fa

      I agree with u, but dont criticize someone for something you cant do.

  84. Хабиб Агальцов

    Хабиб Агальцов

    Mese fa

    Science : "Am i a joke to you?"

  85. Ari Tuhkanen

    Ari Tuhkanen

    Mese fa

    Please remove that HORRIBLE "music"!!!! And the headline is just so stupid!

  86. Petra Zacharias

    Petra Zacharias

    Mese fa

    Goal that goalkeeper can't explain

  87. spongebob


    Mese fa

    1 word Skill

  88. powertothebauer


    Mese fa

    Misleading Titel , clickbait I see a lot of goals i have made my self, , the only thing science can't explain is how stupid your team is

  89. Adalto Willian Reis

    Adalto Willian Reis

    Mese fa

    Na verdade sao gols que so a ciência pode explicar.

  90. Muhammad Akmal

    Muhammad Akmal

    Mese fa

    all comments said about the science thing but we all still got baited and watched the video

  91. Aadish Dholabhai

    Aadish Dholabhai

    Mese fa

    fun part... not only science, but even the common man can explain each shot

  92. CODFUN


    Mese fa

    Is this the same "science" that the covid advisers base their ideas on?

  93. cdh79


    Mese fa

    not a single goal that can't be explained by science.. ...what can't be explained by science is why people kicking a ball deserve tens and hundreds of millions, while other hard working people almost starve to death.. (I am not blaming the players, but the system)

  94. Jaramirez 2

    Jaramirez 2

    Mese fa

    Physics... literally science.

  95. DanSwrang B.

    DanSwrang B.

    Mese fa

    Such a dumwit and making money off youtube. Hatsoff

  96. Cea-Jay Males

    Cea-Jay Males

    Mese fa

    . . . Ever heard of physics?

  97. IIllIII


    Mese fa

    Actually science can explain how these were made

  98. Rintaro Okabe

    Rintaro Okabe

    Mese fa

    Actually, science can explain projectile motion pretty well.

  99. Julio Abad

    Julio Abad

    Mese fa

    En mi opinión la ciencia sí lo puede explicar Ese giro que hace el balón ⚽ se le conoce como efecto magnus✌️

  100. steve taylor

    steve taylor

    Mese fa

    Shit editing. Annoying as fuck

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