Legendary Solo Goals

👍 Legendary Solo Goals ⚽🔥


  1. Muhammad Kamran

    Muhammad Kamran

    Ora fa

    All player is good but Ronaldo is love❤️

  2. Виктор Самошин

    Виктор Самошин

    3 ore fa

    Ещё Златан и месси

  3. Jorge Andres

    Jorge Andres

    Giorno fa

    Solo una cosa hazar nunca debió irse del chelsea

  4. Blockty


    13 giorni fa


  5. Duvan 1015

    Duvan 1015

    15 giorni fa

    Y el golazo de messi al principio??? 😡

  6. It’s_santogarufa YT

    It’s_santogarufa YT

    16 giorni fa

    Where’s the maradona solo run vs England ??? , and you put manes shot in there

  7. Muhammad Umar

    Muhammad Umar

    16 giorni fa

    Oh Hazard😢

  8. Danzku Banzku

    Danzku Banzku

    16 giorni fa

    Anyone know the first song?

  9. Ashlin Joseph

    Ashlin Joseph

    17 giorni fa


  10. Archankumar myana

    Archankumar myana

    17 giorni fa

    I want to dislike this video from different angles🤬

    • Danzku Banzku

      Danzku Banzku

      16 giorni fa


  11. Asish Binu

    Asish Binu

    18 giorni fa

    Actually Ozil was holding the ball to give his teamate an assist😂😂

    • Adolf Havertz

      Adolf Havertz

      5 ore fa


    • Safwan Nandikar

      Safwan Nandikar

      Giorno fa

      U asss mind ur business

  12. Nahuel Rojas

    Nahuel Rojas

    18 giorni fa


  13. Fernando Balarezo

    Fernando Balarezo

    18 giorni fa

    Faltó la de Maradona.,

  14. Jihad Sholihin

    Jihad Sholihin

    19 giorni fa

    How about Goerge weah solo run

  15. Patrick Layman

    Patrick Layman

    23 giorni fa

    The watery november finallly expand because shelf unintentionally untidy concerning a doubtful police. wretched, pumped afghanistan

  16. Ersad Memmedov

    Ersad Memmedov

    24 giorni fa

    Where is Abdellah Zoubir?Scored against Legia

  17. Gopi A R

    Gopi A R

    25 giorni fa

    Done by some messi hater for sure



    25 giorni fa

    Where is spectacular ryan giggs??

  19. Andrew Rodrigues

    Andrew Rodrigues

    26 giorni fa

    1:45 tbem Bergkamp foi um gênio tbem !!! Pqp q golaço

    • Junior Rockeiro

      Junior Rockeiro

      20 giorni fa

      até hoje ele tá tentando entender como fez aquilo kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  20. Andrew Rodrigues

    Andrew Rodrigues

    26 giorni fa

    1:13 Ronaldo pra mim foi o melhor de todos os tempos , jogo um absurdo !!! O bruxo tbem 🙅

  21. Mohamed Wawi

    Mohamed Wawi

    26 giorni fa

    اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد و على آله و صحبه أجمعين

  22. Romeo Lajh

    Romeo Lajh

    26 giorni fa

    2:14 beginner lvl on fifa

  23. dhritiman chowdhury

    dhritiman chowdhury

    26 giorni fa

    Yes I get it . People are talking abt legendary solo goals and are shocked to see messi Getafe goal not included!! But we can't even discuss that coz the editor didn't even include the maradona wc goal😂😂😂😂😂😂 .

  24. Obelix


    27 giorni fa

    Whats this shitty editing?

  25. Mr Kim Jung

    Mr Kim Jung

    27 giorni fa

    Beckham is just like ''really???'' 😂 0:43



    28 giorni fa

    Giggs vs Arsenal FA Cup Semi

  27. Alessandro Momesso

    Alessandro Momesso

    28 giorni fa

    weah pato?

  28. Xalerik Xalerik

    Xalerik Xalerik

    29 giorni fa

    Азард совсем измннилос

  29. Gary Inniss

    Gary Inniss

    Mese fa

    Messi had the best solo



    Mese fa

    Peço licença ao canal... Meu canal é de animes e games, *SE INSCREVAM NO MEU CANAL POR FAVOR* , vai me ajudar muito! Obrigado e fiquem com Deus! ❤️🙏🏻

  31. M A R T I N I A N O

    M A R T I N I A N O

    Mese fa


  32. Павел Жаров

    Павел Жаров

    Mese fa

    2:08 Физика? Нет не слышал.

  33. Павел Жаров

    Павел Жаров

    Mese fa

    Ставь лайк если твои любимые футболисты Тьери Хенри и Эден Хазард

  34. Hari Haran

    Hari Haran

    Mese fa

    Ozil u beauty 😍😍😍

  35. FoX(no sound)==〉[N4]

    FoX(no sound)==〉[N4]

    Mese fa

    Но они НИКОГДА НЕ превзойдут Диего Армандо Марадону !!!

  36. Eric Mollenthiel

    Eric Mollenthiel

    Mese fa

    Trying to show a solo goal while fully zoomed in on the player shows none of the solo part...

  37. Trevor Porter

    Trevor Porter

    Mese fa

    how do i stop that music and still hear the commentary. i lasted less than one minute. terrible video. really terrible.

  38. God_slave مدح غير الله ظلم

    God_slave مدح غير الله ظلم

    Mese fa

    6:42 unbelievable

  39. alperen türkücü

    alperen türkücü

    Mese fa

    bence hepsı ball

  40. Selim Karamahmut

    Selim Karamahmut

    Mese fa

    ankara messi ankara messi ankara messi

  41. Shiní Gamì

    Shiní Gamì

    Mese fa


  42. 9313 Mohanish

    9313 Mohanish

    Mese fa

    0:53 this goal gave me goosebumps

  43. It’s footballfan6410

    It’s footballfan6410

    Mese fa this is the best solo efl goal this season (2020)!



    Mese fa

    6:42 Mesut ÖZİL 🔥 💛💙

  45. sean vanderwaal

    sean vanderwaal

    Mese fa

    Omfg so many cuts in the edit. Its like 16 cuts per goal

  46. Marlon


    Mese fa

    No Maradona goal of the century

  47. Jean Sébastien VIGNOT

    Jean Sébastien VIGNOT

    Mese fa

    La vidéo est rempli de mecs qu'on troué des défenses mais parce que faut mettre sa seigneurie Ronaldo (pas le dribbleur l'autre) en lumière on mets deux buts ou il fait un crochet au 16 mètres et une frappe. J'appel pas ça un but solo mais de l'efficacité. Franchement correspond plus à l'intitulé.

  48. rodrigo millan

    rodrigo millan

    Mese fa

  49. AS0658


    Mese fa

    Olcan, Sabri, Koray... thats it 05:22

  50. Samael Excelsius

    Samael Excelsius

    Mese fa

    No se que pinta aqui Cr,14,7 si el 90% de sus goles son de penalty

  51. Dani Soto

    Dani Soto

    Mese fa

    Ozil and Bergkamp 😍



    Mese fa

    Robben's goal against Leipzig and Coman's goal against Juventus should have been included

  53. pesbranthan


    Mese fa

    Wheres dembeles solo vs tottenham

  54. INSIDE


    Mese fa

    Ozil in thumbnail, click it ❤️💎

  55. #Hesch tag

    #Hesch tag

    Mese fa

    Bale's goal is so overrated. He just outpaced one player.

  56. master of chaos

    master of chaos

    Mese fa

    I am champion 💥💥💪😎

  57. khal Drogo

    khal Drogo

    Mese fa

    Marcelo and Carvajal casually chilling in the list of all attackers.

    • meshal 10

      meshal 10

      Mese fa


  58. Saibal Dutta

    Saibal Dutta

    Mese fa

    Messing with MESSI can Mess your LIFE

  59. That’s Abdu

    That’s Abdu

    Mese fa

    Name the second music please

  60. Fuori Di Senno

    Fuori Di Senno

    Mese fa

    Congratulations for choosing some of the worst camera angles possible ahah



    Mese fa

    like si crees que hazard se deberia haber quedado en el chelsea

  62. Yiğit Yalçınkaya

    Yiğit Yalçınkaya

    Mese fa

    5:20 hocam bunu koymasaydın ayıp oluyor

  63. Pratik Binadi

    Pratik Binadi

    Mese fa

    Where is Messi 's Ankara?

  64. Andrew Morrison

    Andrew Morrison

    Mese fa

    Bergkamp's is not a solo's a phenomenal goal by all means, but not a solo one

  65. Front Runner

    Front Runner

    Mese fa

    Missed some great solo goals of Messi. I can't believe it. How u don't know about them? I'm getting a feeling that you are biased towards cr7 Or you just don't like Messi.

  66. Willamina Symanski

    Willamina Symanski

    Mese fa

    I read lots of good reviews on the net about how Episoketren System can help you increase your soccer game. Has anyone tried this popular training program?

  67. Jawad


    Mese fa

    Edit 👎👎

  68. Baby Chicks 07

    Baby Chicks 07

    Mese fa

    Honestly the defending in most of the clips were just pathetic:‑X:‑X:‑X

  69. Amzad Mondal

    Amzad Mondal

    Mese fa

    How messi can handle the ball in such running speed

  70. Tanishq Upasani

    Tanishq Upasani

    Mese fa

    bro u left the legendary kaka goal against Manchester United

  71. Matías Porco Olorio

    Matías Porco Olorio

    Mese fa

    Amén 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  72. JaBBAwOcKe007


    Mese fa

    Que ángulos de visión más feos le editaste al principio, que buenos goles recopilaste.

  73. Mustafa Spmz

    Mustafa Spmz

    Mese fa

    Henry Show

  74. Lester Brizuela

    Lester Brizuela

    Mese fa

    05:30 golazo de David Villa vs la selección de mi país Honduras 🙄

  75. Mahsum Yavuz

    Mahsum Yavuz

    Mese fa

    Galatasaray'ın hali🤦🏼‍♂️

  76. Mohamed Ebrahim

    Mohamed Ebrahim

    Mese fa

    So many good ones left out

  77. hasnain ahmed miraj

    hasnain ahmed miraj

    Mese fa

    Funny how the editor did not put any neymar solo goal which just proves he hates neymar

  78. Gareth Hook

    Gareth Hook

    Mese fa

    At last they got the music right,

  79. ᄋᄋᄋ


    Mese fa

    4:11 wow

  80. Benjamin Karimatsenga

    Benjamin Karimatsenga

    Mese fa

    remove cr7

  81. guillermo storey

    guillermo storey

    Mese fa

    2:58 ooh my god, he was in control of everything, even the goal was just a tap.

  82. Michael Maerten

    Michael Maerten

    Mese fa

    ,I’m,Sappho,k #@ik

  83. Wellington da silva

    Wellington da silva

    Mese fa

    E o gol do Messi, contra o Getafe se não me engano.🙄

  84. Willem Cahill-Chiaroni

    Willem Cahill-Chiaroni

    Mese fa

    Ronaldo’s goal is so pathetic when Messi’s absolute wonder goal plays directly before it 😂

  85. XFLOW3X


    Mese fa

    Dios hazle ver a Lapadula o cualquier jugador 9 que nos represente pero por favor que vea estos videos yo confió en Lapagol

  86. Naty Popel

    Naty Popel

    Mese fa

    weah dislike you.....

  87. Andres Becker

    Andres Becker

    2 mesi fa

    You missed this one

  88. Fads Sip

    Fads Sip

    2 mesi fa

    George Weah

  89. lucas d, etc

    lucas d, etc

    2 mesi fa

    nao apareceu lance do bruxo. dai nao adianta

  90. Nohkci Labazanov

    Nohkci Labazanov

    2 mesi fa

    Ставьте лайки чтобы переводили !

  91. Aloke Gupta

    Aloke Gupta

    2 mesi fa

    Bergkamp's goal is the best technical goal of the football history

  92. Abhi Abhi

    Abhi Abhi

    2 mesi fa


  93. Nasir Ahmed

    Nasir Ahmed

    2 mesi fa

    Leo messi is the best solo goal scorer all time in football history

    • Hernan Luna

      Hernan Luna

      Mese fa

      maradona was better

    • Rosemary Mello

      Rosemary Mello

      Mese fa


    • I'm your moma bf

      I'm your moma bf

      2 mesi fa

      @kbadrian pele the overatted rat who score offsides against farmers

    • kbadrian


      2 mesi fa

      pele say hello

  94. יוליה שמורין

    יוליה שמורין

    2 mesi fa

    בנימין + אביגייל

  95. Krishna juneja

    Krishna juneja

    2 mesi fa

    Do u know who is neymar 😑

  96. Andrei Dzyuba

    Andrei Dzyuba

    2 mesi fa

    Iconical bad video editing. Please, stop doing this useless compilations.

  97. 21000kola


    2 mesi fa

    Annoying video editing

  98. Senthilvasan Muthan

    Senthilvasan Muthan

    2 mesi fa

    son solo goal against burnely is the best and suppose to be in the list. Just this video published before that magic happened...

  99. Jose Andres Llitheras Jimenez

    Jose Andres Llitheras Jimenez

    2 mesi fa

    Mini 0:41 portero estatua

  100. valencitoo belmar

    valencitoo belmar

    2 mesi fa

    El video se podría llamar messi es imparable...!!!

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