Most Epic Comedy Moments In Football

👍 Most Epic Comedy Moments In Football ⚽🔥
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  1. Chris George

    Chris George

    3 giorni fa

    The impossible charles pathohistologically bruise because minute unknowingly shock as a peaceful ellipse. opposite, deep fifth

    • Shahin Azeez

      Shahin Azeez

      22 ore fa

      Enth thengaya ningal ee parayunne??🥥

  2. BMO


    5 giorni fa

    How tf are these things supposed to be funny...?

  3. BMO


    5 giorni fa

    These are things a 10 year old would laugh about

  4. cris 85

    cris 85

    12 giorni fa

    Suscribasen por Ami canal de ITput

  5. Emir Ulusoy

    Emir Ulusoy

    12 giorni fa

    6.55 messi nin oğlu osurdu heralde

  6. артем соколов

    артем соколов

    23 giorni fa

    Женщины судьи это бич

  7. HOT Gamers

    HOT Gamers

    28 giorni fa

  8. Stephen Roney

    Stephen Roney

    28 giorni fa

    How is any of this funny? And what is with that shitey music?

  9. glebson bezerra

    glebson bezerra

    Mese fa

    Que tem de hilario nisso

  10. Махмуд Шарипов

    Махмуд Шарипов

    Mese fa

    4:50 jesus 🤣😂

  11. MrFunmannn


    Mese fa

    Что за хуйня?

  12. SinanEngin SeyretmeDana!

    SinanEngin SeyretmeDana!

    Mese fa

    2:47 Good days 😢😧😭

  13. Айбөпе ____

    Айбөпе ____

    Mese fa


  14. ZET Brawl stars自

    ZET Brawl stars自

    Mese fa

    Превосходно!!! Миллион лайков!

  15. elfrdhaN


    Mese fa

    4:52 G.Jesus be like: HUULLK

  16. Dizzandropupololos


    Mese fa

    I died laughing

  17. Emre Köylü

    Emre Köylü

    Mese fa

    0:15 gavurun tohumu Galatasaraya atmış bi de

  18. David Murphy

    David Murphy

    Mese fa

    Not as funny as the gay eurodance music that seems to accompany 99% of footie compliations



    Mese fa deneysel İngilizce kalıp cümleleri öğren

  20. Stephen Ord

    Stephen Ord

    Mese fa

    Best football comely moments are 'top' London clubs being murdered by the mighty Bayern. Mia San Mia Bayern. Love 💘 from England

    • LordPaulus05


      Mese fa

      In Germany we say Erfolgsfan

  21. Tom Gardner

    Tom Gardner

    Mese fa

    We’re making another football video? Better dig out the Bulgarian house music again

  22. Ali Makaveli Da 7th Sign

    Ali Makaveli Da 7th Sign

    Mese fa

    *All Football videos have gay music*

  23. dinga samte

    dinga samte

    Mese fa

    Very not epic, ha! Gay.

  24. Mic C

    Mic C

    Mese fa

    What was the terrible background noise don't tell me that was music heard better fire alarms fucken racket

  25. OmniXenO


    Mese fa

    Most of them is not even funny...!

  26. Denni5


    Mese fa

    Those female refs are funny and all, but it's honestly highly unprofessional.

  27. Saptak Roy

    Saptak Roy

    Mese fa

    1:31 Neymar : "Finally a worthy opponent."

  28. Shopping Hacks

    Shopping Hacks

    Mese fa

    Louis Suarez's upper teeth are *evolved* to bite 😂

  29. Francisco Araujo

    Francisco Araujo

    Mese fa

    Até agora procuro o que foi engraçado

  30. Fordremella


    Mese fa

    Где тут фани?

  31. Erasmus


    Mese fa

    Always hate the music. 😕

  32. Otto C

    Otto C

    Mese fa

    Музыка просто отвратительная

  33. Juan C. Hernández

    Juan C. Hernández

    Mese fa

    Not funny at all. Bait-click.

  34. FGWos


    Mese fa

    Y el chiste?

  35. nikos sioutis

    nikos sioutis

    Mese fa


  36. Divya rajesh Divya rajesh

    Divya rajesh Divya rajesh

    Mese fa

    Bgm name plezz...

  37. Ернұр Жахин

    Ернұр Жахин

    Mese fa

    Не твой уревень дорогой 03:56 в казахстане тоже и сильно так делает

  38. Mini Krishnakumar

    Mini Krishnakumar

    Mese fa


  39. Will Bee

    Will Bee

    Mese fa

    Not very funny clips and blasting loud disco music make it worse.

  40. LeeBottomley


    Mese fa

    0:34 If an opposition player had done that to him during a game he’d have gone done screaming holding his face.

  41. עוגן עוגן

    עוגן עוגן

    Mese fa

    stupid loud music in all clips

  42. Heilio Silva

    Heilio Silva

    Mese fa

    Esperando pra vê o momento engraçado.

  43. Gitanjali Batham

    Gitanjali Batham

    Mese fa


  44. Baturay Aydın

    Baturay Aydın

    Mese fa

    Lan sen tothem sin

  45. PepeSpliff *

    PepeSpliff *

    Mese fa

    Who is that blonde ref she has jugs of talent

  46. Svante Fellman

    Svante Fellman

    Mese fa

    2:51 in my defense on FIFA



    Mese fa

    0:24 ????????????? Crazy.

  48. Foot Goal فوت جول

    Foot Goal فوت جول

    Mese fa

    Mohamed Salah is the king of solo goals

  49. Bryan Eduardo 23

    Bryan Eduardo 23

    Mese fa

    Messi ❤️❤️

  50. едриии


    Mese fa

    Спасибо, что нет рекламы.

  51. LEONBS


    Mese fa


  52. Kevin Chavez

    Kevin Chavez

    Mese fa

    Cómo se llama la segunda canción

  53. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift

    Mese fa


  54. Fabiano Zmt

    Fabiano Zmt

    Mese fa

    Você veio pela capa: 4:45

  55. siralfredramsey


    Mese fa

    5:02 WTF?? This is epic for sure!! ;·D

  56. karin kalkun

    karin kalkun

    Mese fa

    Lucas hernandez is very handsome

  57. Andrei Kukushkin

    Andrei Kukushkin

    Mese fa

    1:03 Iniesta 🤪

  58. João Boigues Henrique

    João Boigues Henrique

    Mese fa

    joga says he is not going anywhere near this point in this world and is a little sad to say anything but toos and the world will have to come and your family is a little more mature then you are 8

  59. Unknown


    Mese fa

    2:00 whaaaat???youtube tv??😳😳

  60. Football Legends

    Football Legends

    Mese fa Subscribe and Like Georgian Magical Skills Kid ☆ A N D R E A ☆

  61. Junior Daniel Chacnama Inga

    Junior Daniel Chacnama Inga

    Mese fa

    5:09 a sos re trol

  62. K2K ' 0c -VuInux-

    K2K ' 0c -VuInux-

    2 mesi fa


  63. flauta xd

    flauta xd

    2 mesi fa

    4:17 yo pensando cómo miércoles el niño es casi más grande que el futbolista XD

  64. Jonathann Xann

    Jonathann Xann

    2 mesi fa

    what is the name of the female referee using the tissue?

  65. kenneth mcallister

    kenneth mcallister

    2 mesi fa

    Still waiting to see something funny

  66. Satyaki Basu Sarbadhikary

    Satyaki Basu Sarbadhikary

    2 mesi fa


  67. Jair Todão

    Jair Todão

    3 mesi fa

    David neres o melhor kkkk

  68. Mariela Ramos

    Mariela Ramos

    3 mesi fa


  69. No más familias En la Calle!!

    No más familias En la Calle!!

    3 mesi fa

    Compartir porfavor

  70. Betty James

    Betty James

    3 mesi fa

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  71. Sohrab Akrami

    Sohrab Akrami

    3 mesi fa

    6:55 damn that messi's son is really an anti barca😂

  72. Peter Latham

    Peter Latham

    3 mesi fa

    utter shit

  73. John J

    John J

    3 mesi fa

    1:04 very poor guy..!! Lol

  74. Sports Cars

    Sports Cars

    3 mesi fa


  75. Samson wilkinson

    Samson wilkinson

    3 mesi fa

    What's comedic about this?

  76. Kristian U

    Kristian U

    3 mesi fa


  77. Juan Hilario

    Juan Hilario

    3 mesi fa


  78. Erfan Sfrpoor

    Erfan Sfrpoor

    3 mesi fa

    ساری چرا کسخل شده بود؟

  79. ItzSkizzyK


    3 mesi fa

    the ref that gave the yellow card then the selfie should have a 2 match ban lol also im very surprised that suarez when hit by the kid didnt jump off the stadium and start rolling about biting people

  80. Getin Goals

    Getin Goals

    3 mesi fa

    Lucky Suarez didn't bite his hand

  81. yahrab gamer786

    yahrab gamer786

    3 mesi fa

    Nice cross from Thomas partey welcome to Arsenal Thomas ✅🔴⚪️🇬🇭

  82. Lenovo


    3 mesi fa

    Телочка судья охуенная!

  83. Mitchell Davies

    Mitchell Davies

    3 mesi fa

    im surprised luis suarez didnt bite that kid

  84. Top Music's ΛV

    Top Music's ΛV

    3 mesi fa

    Привет 👋 Давайте будем дружить🤝 Я подписался к вам 👍 👆 Подписаться меня канал 🔔 👆

  85. Farcal


    3 mesi fa

    Hello i am youtuber is FARCAL special let's play come on boy suscribe me is funny vidéo pes2020 😉😉😉😉

  86. Saul y araceli Martínez

    Saul y araceli Martínez

    3 mesi fa

    Good bye Suárez 2:49

  87. Darin gaming

    Darin gaming

    3 mesi fa

    juvantes bonke dil ight

  88. lil ducky

    lil ducky

    3 mesi fa

    Kepa The Best coach

  89. Blueleaf Leaf

    Blueleaf Leaf

    3 mesi fa

    2:54 De Lighte: BONUCCI!! bonucci: DE LIGHTE *runs to hug bumps into each other*

  90. faithless 13

    faithless 13

    4 mesi fa

    Messi's child cheered for opponent... Kids are so pure... 🥰

  91. Jakhar Kylaux

    Jakhar Kylaux

    4 mesi fa

    Kepa coach!!!

  92. Mr Say168

    Mr Say168

    4 mesi fa

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life .

  93. DuckPackers


    4 mesi fa

    Ou estou muito sem humor ou 50% das cenas não tem nada de engraçado 🤦🏻‍♂️



    4 mesi fa

    I am thinking if a defender clears ball and it hits referee and goes for an own goal . How funny it would be?😂😂😂

  95. kaiky viglioni tavares moura

    kaiky viglioni tavares moura

    4 mesi fa

    1:36 FIFA in a nutshell

  96. Зос Зос

    Зос Зос

    4 mesi fa

    Прям обхохоталась

  97. Matthew Lewis

    Matthew Lewis

    4 mesi fa

    When you nutmeg the ref that is when your actually good.

  98. football ah2

    football ah2

    4 mesi fa*

  99. Zakaria el Mimouni

    Zakaria el Mimouni

    4 mesi fa



    4 mesi fa

    I was watching how to be confident in interview but I ended up here

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