Plays That Worth Seeing Again 2020

👍 Plays That Worth Seeing Again 2020

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  1. Fernando Soto

    Fernando Soto

    6 giorni fa

    Marcos Llorente VS Liverpool 🤨

  2. back to Black

    back to Black

    9 giorni fa

    First music of name? Please.

  3. Shivprasad Shreshthi

    Shivprasad Shreshthi

    29 giorni fa

    When pep was at Barca every third goal looked like this

  4. Sebastián Pereyra

    Sebastián Pereyra

    29 giorni fa

    Si seran atrevido no esta messi

  5. Daniel Lozano

    Daniel Lozano

    Mese fa

    ¿Como se llama la canción?

  6. Foot Goal فوت جول

    Foot Goal فوت جول

    Mese fa

    Mohamed Salah is the king of solo goals

  7. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson

    2 mesi fa

    7:49 salah scores but what about the speed of james is amazing

  8. Gabriel Melgar rodrigues

    Gabriel Melgar rodrigues

    3 mesi fa

    Es berdad bale la pena ber

  9. Doper Mustafe

    Doper Mustafe

    3 mesi fa

    #6:06 is bes one

  10. Leandro Viana

    Leandro Viana

    3 mesi fa


  11. Mr Satisfacción

    Mr Satisfacción

    5 mesi fa

    El mejor The best el millor

  12. ByTomick YT

    ByTomick YT

    5 mesi fa


  13. Luffy Extreme

    Luffy Extreme

    5 mesi fa

    0:00 a comemoração do Pepe parece o frieza fazendo a supernova

    • Lucas Ike

      Lucas Ike

      22 giorni fa


  14. MrRebro rebro

    MrRebro rebro

    5 mesi fa

    Stupida fucking music

  15. Алексей Илюкевич

    Алексей Илюкевич

    5 mesi fa

    04:55 Модрич ещё до начала атаки прочитал игру и ускорился , красиво разыграли

  16. Yerson Borges

    Yerson Borges

    5 mesi fa

    07:45 Que velocidad del defensor ganó Salah solo porque supo aguantar la carga

  17. kauan oliveira

    kauan oliveira

    5 mesi fa

    fall out boy - centarious

  18. Lesli Lopez

    Lesli Lopez

    5 mesi fa

    Que refrescante me a parecido el vídeo la música los comentaristas de fondo todo muy bueno

  19. Zé Chuquinha

    Zé Chuquinha

    6 mesi fa

    Qual o nome da primeira música?

  20. nezali amine

    nezali amine

    7 mesi fa

    Joseph ilicic is so undratted

  21. Yarce


    7 mesi fa

    Bro with which program do you edit the videos? I want to learn how to edit like you!

  22. Rich Rodriguez

    Rich Rodriguez

    7 mesi fa

    Good clips but ditch the music

  23. Jeronimo Gomar Madriz

    Jeronimo Gomar Madriz

    8 mesi fa

    Por qué nunca salen jugadas de messi con Argentina. Aaa es cierto, no existen

  24. Asma Raza

    Asma Raza

    8 mesi fa

    Please like and subscribe my son channel

  25. Simon Herold

    Simon Herold

    8 mesi fa

    whats the name of the first song?

  26. جنرال _ General

    جنرال _ General

    8 mesi fa

    I don't know why everyone loves Messi. Does anyone love someone who enjoys killing opponents one by one?

  27. rafaee radzali

    rafaee radzali

    8 mesi fa

    Wheres Sarr’s goal? Thats definitely worth another watch 😂😂

  28. Henry Robbins

    Henry Robbins

    8 mesi fa

    Ok who put on sliders

  29. kasamiro


    8 mesi fa

    Will we see a stadium full of audience again before like 2025?

  30. Eduardo Yodono Albuquerque

    Eduardo Yodono Albuquerque

    8 mesi fa


  31. Ethan Phillips

    Ethan Phillips

    8 mesi fa

    That first goal was quality

  32. Weazla


    8 mesi fa

    Got to love the goal from Curtis Jones

  33. Miki Rasclart

    Miki Rasclart

    8 mesi fa

    Why does every football video ever have dead music😭

  34. Cai Davey

    Cai Davey

    8 mesi fa

    Why is that firmino one there

  35. Mansi verma

    Mansi verma

    8 mesi fa


  36. damian vang

    damian vang

    8 mesi fa

    where’s son’s solo goal?!?

  37. Flaco footbal Zz 34

    Flaco footbal Zz 34

    8 mesi fa

    Je pense t surprotège du réal je suis pa sur 😂

  38. Travis Banks

    Travis Banks

    8 mesi fa

    This whole vid could be saves from Leno, him and auba saved arsenal from relegation

  39. Bassuni Ali

    Bassuni Ali

    8 mesi fa

  40. Gabriel Mariano

    Gabriel Mariano

    8 mesi fa

    0:48 omg Firmino

  41. Jeiden Okey!

    Jeiden Okey!

    8 mesi fa

    Corrección:Jugadas que valen la pena volver a ver,en cuarentena !!

  42. Zack Land

    Zack Land

    8 mesi fa

    Mohammed Usman

  43. Diego


    8 mesi fa

    why does every football compilation video have to have such lame music?

  44. Premtosh Siga

    Premtosh Siga

    8 mesi fa

    Watching this video right after watching a Bendtner video feels really weird.

  45. Zeldris 38

    Zeldris 38

    8 mesi fa

    What is the song att 0 seconde voice girl tatatatata

  46. Sam Fotboll

    Sam Fotboll

    8 mesi fa

    Where is Brunos pass to martial against City? That should 100% be in this

  47. Antony Rouaud

    Antony Rouaud

    8 mesi fa

    vinicius il est claqué au sol

  48. Agustin Guerra

    Agustin Guerra

    8 mesi fa

    Second song: Hans Zimmer - Interstellar (Abandoned Remix) Thanks me later

  49. Leonardo Tozzi

    Leonardo Tozzi

    8 mesi fa


  50. Dylan Hickman

    Dylan Hickman

    8 mesi fa

    You should some good passing my imobile . You should of added in Leeds doing that against arsenal

  51. Alexandre Margarit

    Alexandre Margarit

    8 mesi fa

    4:55 who else thought it was mbappe

    • Uhtred Ragnarson

      Uhtred Ragnarson

      8 mesi fa

      Alexxx mrg what are u talking about it’s clearly Madrid

  52. Muhamad revaldi

    Muhamad revaldi

    8 mesi fa


  53. AlphaFighter


    8 mesi fa

    Namr of first song?

  54. Biswajit Bhunia

    Biswajit Bhunia

    8 mesi fa

    Missed di Maria's lob from the edge even neymar bycicle goal

  55. Damaris Ramirez

    Damaris Ramirez

    8 mesi fa

    esa canción se oye mejor en Dragón Ball:)

  56. Cameron James

    Cameron James

    8 mesi fa

    Dan James is really quick but that was like a boy trying to tackle a man. Salah is small but has a low centre of gravity and insanely strong for his size. Lost count of games I’ve seen bigger defenders bounce off him when they go shoulder to shoulder with him

  57. Andy Rodenbough

    Andy Rodenbough

    8 mesi fa

    How happy was the keeper that he didn't get a hand on Traore's shot at 1:00? Probably would have taken a finger clean off

  58. Miguel Mondardo Zuanazzi

    Miguel Mondardo Zuanazzi

    8 mesi fa

    Brandt need a 5 star weak foot

  59. B. Mikael

    B. Mikael

    8 mesi fa


  60. A PC

    A PC

    8 mesi fa

    Wtf is this song 😂

  61. Romero Gavila Yago

    Romero Gavila Yago

    8 mesi fa

    Madre mía

  62. javiercr9


    8 mesi fa

    Ojalá la pandemia se esfume pronto, para poder seguir disfrutando del deporte más hermoso del mundo...❤️⚽️

  63. gaudence milanzi

    gaudence milanzi

    8 mesi fa

    Emre Can's goal was out of this world ⚽🙌🔥

  64. Harrison Rob

    Harrison Rob

    8 mesi fa

    That Leno save against Chelsea 🔥🔥

  65. zakhie


    8 mesi fa

    Check out how to do a scorpion shot

  66. Whf


    8 mesi fa

    1:15 that beat drop was hard af

  67. Kennedy Santos

    Kennedy Santos

    8 mesi fa

    Manchester city ou real Madrid precisa contratar ou Brandt ou aouar

  68. rcmanization


    8 mesi fa

    football compilations are usually not that great but this was superb!

  69. Charlie h

    Charlie h

    8 mesi fa

    You had the commentary, why did you put shitty music on?

  70. XTrep


    8 mesi fa

    I hate the logo in the middle of the screen. Please remove it.

  71. Wafu Nation

    Wafu Nation

    8 mesi fa

    Song name?

  72. jejgls7878


    8 mesi fa

    I just want to see again Lautaro & Lukaku 👑

  73. Carlos Roldán

    Carlos Roldán

    8 mesi fa

    4:16 Jiménez 🇲🇽🔥

  74. SM_dub


    8 mesi fa

    Really dissappointed that stuff like zlatans Bicycle kick against england isn't here. A bunch of these plays aren't even a year old :(

  75. Reborn Razor

    Reborn Razor

    9 mesi fa

    Omg I really wanna know the song name

  76. martin patiño

    martin patiño

    9 mesi fa

    0:00 song?

    • Zeldris 38

      Zeldris 38

      8 mesi fa

      Yes you have im reach 😥

  77. Svedge


    9 mesi fa

    why can't you use fucking good music, why

  78. Akshai


    9 mesi fa

    Plz support my channel

  79. Delano van der Wilt

    Delano van der Wilt

    9 mesi fa

    Whats the song called?

  80. Realist


    9 mesi fa

    * Amazing how little recognition Santi Cazorla got for his displays (Not only is he 34 years old & had a serious injury, he ruined barca & R.Madrid both home & away). *But then again he always has been underrated, easily the best two footed player I've ever seen.

  81. Realist


    9 mesi fa

    Nice to see the keeper included.

  82. Oricel Lara

    Oricel Lara

    9 mesi fa

    Falto la de coutinho



    9 mesi fa

    Mw ba oul bak ui zanmim

  84. DP24s _

    DP24s _

    9 mesi fa

    @0:35 reminded me off Bergkamp

  85. Denon markus

    Denon markus

    9 mesi fa

    Ter Stegen save crazy than ever 🔥🔥🔥

  86. Lil Rice

    Lil Rice

    9 mesi fa

    Pepe is shit

  87. Joseph Thanki

    Joseph Thanki

    9 mesi fa

    I always love the grammar used on these video titles

  88. Antoniothegamer


    9 mesi fa

    Song name

  89. Novaldy Aditya

    Novaldy Aditya

    9 mesi fa


  90. Darren Arthur

    Darren Arthur

    9 mesi fa

    Here's a play worth seeing: Go to 5:34, Rangers were 0-2 down, Aribo subbed on after 1-2 goes on to score this beauty.

  91. Mohammed Usman

    Mohammed Usman

    9 mesi fa

    Stuff like this makes you want to head out and start playing even if you know you are trash

    • Diar Selimi

      Diar Selimi

      3 mesi fa

      Well i aint trash neither are you

    • Mohammed Usman

      Mohammed Usman

      4 mesi fa


    • Jacob


      4 mesi fa

      Mohammed Usman it doesn’t matter how technically good you are, as long as you are mentally strong and have a passion for the sport, no one can stop you. Keep working hard my friend :)

    • Mohammed Usman

      Mohammed Usman

      5 mesi fa

      Thanks for the advice man means a lot. When this virus thing ends i am gonna play like i never did.

    • Chaudhary Zafar

      Chaudhary Zafar

      5 mesi fa

      Mohammed Usman practise makes perfect keep going trust me

  92. Kingover


    9 mesi fa

    Shitty music

  93. NoX Bizzy

    NoX Bizzy

    9 mesi fa

    I love football 🔥🔥also I rap, mix and master in my spare time you would make my day by simply liking this comment so more people can notice my music and content. Thank you and bless you all! Peace!!I

  94. Benny Ben

    Benny Ben

    9 mesi fa

    0:40 - wonderful movement and deceptive turn to make it happen.

  95. Ali Blablabla

    Ali Blablabla

    9 mesi fa For those looking for the song

  96. NoahPWSC


    9 mesi fa

    Imagine if Payet had a world class squad to back him & maybe a bit more pace.

    • Jose Guadalupe Olan Alejandro

      Jose Guadalupe Olan Alejandro

      4 mesi fa

      Sabe cuál es el nombre de la cancion

    • NoahPWSC


      5 mesi fa

      Francisco Barros lol

    • NoahPWSC


      5 mesi fa

      jaffa Z that’s fuckin epic bro

    • Francisco Barros

      Francisco Barros

      5 mesi fa

      Imagine Akinfenwa with pace shooting dribbling better skills and weak foot

    • Chaudhary Zafar

      Chaudhary Zafar

      5 mesi fa

      NoahPWSC if my grandma had wheels she’d be a bike

  97. NoahPWSC


    9 mesi fa

    2:07 Lol Messi just chillin as the wall

    • NoahPWSC


      8 mesi fa

      @Broken Will To say that he's not tall is an understatement lol

    • Broken Will

      Broken Will

      8 mesi fa

      He's not tall Idk why they make him the wall at that moment xD

  98. NoahPWSC


    9 mesi fa

    I reckon that if Pepe was a little more selfless in his play, he could be one of the greatest ever.

  99. enes ozdemir

    enes ozdemir

    9 mesi fa

    Stop the copyright

  100. Darkneo7


    9 mesi fa

    Lo único que yo sé decir es Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp!

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