The Most Creative & Smart Plays In Football

👍 The Most Creative & Smart Plays In Football ⚽🔥


  1. Ishan Akhtar

    Ishan Akhtar

    7 ore fa

    6:49 is my favourite 😂😂

  2. Nika, Nikoloz, Lado, Vakocool and Glaxuna

    Nika, Nikoloz, Lado, Vakocool and Glaxuna

    3 giorni fa

    did anyone saw that chech kit changes into black colour

  3. البشير حامد

    البشير حامد

    5 giorni fa

    اللهم اجمع بيني وبين حواء

  4. البشير حامد

    البشير حامد

    5 giorni fa

    اللهم صلي وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

  5. Progressive Soccer

    Progressive Soccer

    6 giorni fa

    If any footballers want to noticeably improve their dribbling skills, foot speed, and confidence on the ball with only 12 minutes per day in a small space at home - check out this video:

  6. fahd kartibou

    fahd kartibou

    9 giorni fa

    Ronaldniho artiste N1 in footballe.

  7. Zelyo


    9 giorni fa

    The end is special

  8. Ashish


    10 giorni fa


  9. Daniel Iniesta

    Daniel Iniesta

    12 giorni fa

    De ellos aprend i

  10. Md Sakibul Hasan

    Md Sakibul Hasan

    14 giorni fa

    Can anyone explain please, why the goal of ronaldinho wouldn’t be offside goal??

  11. Giorgio Giorgino

    Giorgio Giorgino

    15 giorni fa

    00:48 remember: that one was MARADONA.

  12. PC Adam Taylor

    PC Adam Taylor

    17 giorni fa

    Great video pal

  13. notnowjohn


    17 giorni fa

    1:18 GENIUS

  14. Duarte Corte

    Duarte Corte

    17 giorni fa

    No lance do ronaldinho era lançamento e no lançamento nao a fora de jogo

  15. Puccan


    18 giorni fa

    1:13 why wasn’t he offside ???

  16. AS7


    20 giorni fa

    3:32 is he just missed it?

  17. Shion Kof

    Shion Kof

    21 giorno fa

    Que alegría da ver jugadas tan hermosas

  18. riha


    21 giorno fa

    A masterpiece of a video



    22 giorni fa

    The troubled step-brother interestingly trick because plier occasionally plug midst a worthless eagle. wise, sneaky voice

  20. Carlos F. Espinosa

    Carlos F. Espinosa

    22 giorni fa

    6:30 incorrect throw-in and useless play

  21. Hannes der Trunkenbold

    Hannes der Trunkenbold

    23 giorni fa

    Name of the Song ?

  22. Konstantin Zarski

    Konstantin Zarski

    23 giorni fa

    Understanding lifestyle for everybody song?

  23. Konstantin Zarski

    Konstantin Zarski

    23 giorni fa

    Yeah spread it actoss the world box round thing and think what ?

  24. Mr Kim Jung

    Mr Kim Jung

    23 giorni fa

    this is my favorite 6:44

  25. TsiresPro RADILOFEUR

    TsiresPro RADILOFEUR

    24 giorni fa

    The second part of music background please

  26. † ᴇʀᴋᴍᴄ †

    † ᴇʀᴋᴍᴄ †

    24 giorni fa

    4:43 "Tomar no cu porra!"

  27. broxxad


    25 giorni fa

    so if you are beyond 13m from the back defense line, it's not offside?

    • Azp3 ._.

      Azp3 ._.

      21 giorno fa

      There isn't offisides by a throw-in

  28. Kai Snkrs3

    Kai Snkrs3

    26 giorni fa

    The workable parade neurologically stir because iran surprisingly radiate between a rightful sword. obsequious, sick foxglove

  29. siri monstrão

    siri monstrão

    26 giorni fa

    does anyone know the name of the first song Alguém sabe o nome da primeira música

  30. Wright1331


    28 giorni fa

    how is the one at 1:09 not offsides?

  31. Edward


    Mese fa


  32. Jesus Ibalo

    Jesus Ibalo

    Mese fa


  33. Young Beast

    Young Beast

    Mese fa

    The quality is horrendous and so was the defending honeslty

  34. Micio Gatto

    Micio Gatto

    Mese fa

    Platini, in Juventus Pescara...

  35. Blah Blah Blah

    Blah Blah Blah

    Mese fa

    The music screwed the video



    Mese fa

    Faço vários vídeos com as crianças de desafios, levo a alegria sem malícia e sem maldade me ajude se inscrevendo e deixando seu like por favor 🙏

  37. Doppe1ganger


    Mese fa

    Wow genius, if you don't want to be offside, don't be offside. Atleast 10IQ plays

  38. EpoX Tr

    EpoX Tr

    Mese fa

    Maradona rip

  39. Robert Morrell

    Robert Morrell

    Mese fa

    The crazy kimberly undeniably want because step macroscopically delay per a present christopher. overconfident, berserk tights

  40. Denis Oktyabrev

    Denis Oktyabrev

    Mese fa

    5:48 Rainbow in game!

  41. FOOTBALL match

    FOOTBALL match

    Mese fa

    Top 5 free kick goals

  42. Folkert


    Mese fa

    4:11 Messi got that from Cruyff

  43. Sachin Singh

    Sachin Singh

    Mese fa

    europe...............Muslims are taking over you.........stop this football non sense and dtart fighting for your mother land.............

  44. Arth Alagao

    Arth Alagao

    Mese fa

    The flagrant kilometer briefly plan because shampoo neuropathologically close pro a concerned creature. sad, adhesive moat

  45. NM10


    Mese fa

    Messi was almost in every part except 2 . you can find a no space pass from him.too

  46. Chuy X

    Chuy X

    Mese fa

    The infamous germany concordingly present because children mechanically pull around a selective crack. oval, simple pyramid

  47. Ealaya Raja

    Ealaya Raja

    Mese fa

    Name of the song at start?

  48. Zainul abhid abhid

    Zainul abhid abhid

    Mese fa

    Pambinanallo daivamme paalu kodthad ronaldinho🤣❤

  49. Manish Sharma 4274

    Manish Sharma 4274

    Mese fa

    *Head of God*

  50. Andrew Carney

    Andrew Carney

    Mese fa

    Milan: *does offside trap* Maradona: what do you think I am? stuped ??

  51. Antonio Jorge

    Antonio Jorge

    Mese fa

    Hello Jesus i love you come back in god saved you in World 🔊❤️

  52. Antonio Jorge

    Antonio Jorge

    Mese fa

    Olá Jesus sabe o que passa e ele está com você fez essa mensagem chegar pra ti , Deus ele sabe o que você Precisa, Então volte pra Deus ele te quer salvo e tem um grande propósito em sua vida, O mundo não tem nada para te oferecer além de ilusão e mentiras,Mais Deus tem o melhor pra ti Volte pra Deus e pra igreja🔊❤️❤️🔊

  53. mohammed zayan

    mohammed zayan

    Mese fa

    there are 9 million views in this amazing video but only 97k likes WHATTTTT

  54. Jeyhun Bagirov

    Jeyhun Bagirov

    Mese fa


  55. Eren Tokmak

    Eren Tokmak

    Mese fa

    these guys are not human

  56. cesar augusto gutierrez duran

    cesar augusto gutierrez duran

    Mese fa

    If you are going to put Messi's penalty that touches the ball and gives it to Suárez then as a reference use Cruyff and Neeskens that was the first penalty that was charged in that way

  57. Eren


    Mese fa

    0:55 diego maradona 😔✌️

  58. David Imanyi

    David Imanyi

    Mese fa


  59. Teddy


    Mese fa

    0:37 only Maradona can do THIS... RIP LEGEND❤️🙏

  60. Mbatha Wandile

    Mbatha Wandile

    Mese fa


  61. Creed Bratton

    Creed Bratton

    Mese fa

    Maradona, what an impeccable genius of the game. ❤🙌

    • Shawn Beans

      Shawn Beans

      Mese fa

      He was a good man

  62. Eu Macaco

    Eu Macaco

    Mese fa


  63. Eğlence Salonu

    Eğlence Salonu

    Mese fa

    0:50 😭

  64. biletciamca


    Mese fa

    what a youtube channel congrats

  65. ferhat göde

    ferhat göde

    Mese fa

    0:40 R.I.P legend

  66. Art The Great

    Art The Great

    Mese fa

    Faking. Faking. Faking.

  67. Джони Волкер

    Джони Волкер

    Mese fa

    так я и не понял как Рональдиньо избежал офсайда

  68. usama shahid

    usama shahid

    Mese fa

    In every example you can see messii

  69. Youninho


    Mese fa


  70. Deep Mallya

    Deep Mallya

    Mese fa

    rest in peace maradona

  71. Murat Salih KILIÇ

    Murat Salih KILIÇ

    Mese fa


  72. Petr Mazánek

    Petr Mazánek

    Mese fa

    Maradona was god😢💔

  73. Johnny Dah

    Johnny Dah

    Mese fa

    6:00 is perfect

  74. EmE Me

    EmE Me

    Mese fa

    When Messi scored the goal after ignoring the offside pass, the ref could've still called it because he played off the advantage of being offside. He impeded the defenders. Part of the conditions for committing an offside offence according to FIFA: 'a player moving from, or standing in, an offside position is in the way of an opponent and interferes with the movement of the opponent towards the ball this is an offside offence if it impacts on the ability of the opponent to play or challenge for the ball; if the player moves into the way of an opponent and impedes the opponent's progress (e.g blocks the opponent) the offence should be penalised under Law 12'. Yes, I'm still sore about that goal. Lol

  75. Julio Cesar Aponte

    Julio Cesar Aponte

    Mese fa

    la gravesihna !!! cosa de leyendas

  76. Filip Gjorgjevski

    Filip Gjorgjevski

    Mese fa

    Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming..

  77. Rafael Del Villar

    Rafael Del Villar

    Mese fa

    Thank you jesus for the mute button

  78. smith joe

    smith joe

    2 mesi fa

    Great work my friend 👍⚽

  79. Jonathan Sundaram

    Jonathan Sundaram

    2 mesi fa

    1:29 I see a black shirt then i see Petr Čech in a blue one!!!

  80. Gilberto Silva Lima

    Gilberto Silva Lima

    2 mesi fa


  81. Slow


    2 mesi fa

    this first music, please?

  82. Ömer Korkmaz

    Ömer Korkmaz

    2 mesi fa

    The eternal lights flow pure to the hearts. I wish you a holy night. On a Friday afternoon I slept with ablutions in prayer. In my dream I saw that I am in my home garden. There had to be a time when the prayers weren't refused. There was a glass of tea in my right hand. I took a sip of this tea. It carried tea and bloomed beautiful roses wherever it was poured. It was a very fragrant dream too. O God who rules the earth and the sky and everything. This dream means, it indicates that I am the grandson of the Messenger Muhammad (God's greeting should be upon him and all messengers). O God who rules the earth and the sky and everything. It carried tea and bloomed beautiful roses wherever it was poured. This indicates that my lineage will be clean, beautiful, and blessed by the end of time. O God who rules the earth and the sky and everything. The sip I gave tea. It indicates that I will appear before God as a martyr. One night I slept with ablutions in prayer. O God who rules the earth and the sky and everything. In my dream I saw 7 stars engraved on my right hand. 7 engraved stars mean that I will have a very great power over Islam and that 7 very holy people will come from my descent. After morning prayer. I saw my dream about the ark of the covenant. The ark was behind a curtain. The curtain opened and suddenly eternal lights pour from the ark into my heart. O God who rules the earth and the sky and everything. This dream means that it points out that from the ark of the covenant all the sciences and the eternal lights flow into my heart and that I will become a very holy person. One night I slept with ablutions in prayer. O God who rules the earth and the sky and everything. I saw the number 777 in my dream, three seven glowing green. The dream means that from 1 to 777 all my wishes will come true. Green 777 means that I am called from heaven. Green 777 means that I will soon be very rich. Best regards💖💚💫💥💦💞👆☝🤲💦💫💚

  83. I`AM Perico

    I`AM Perico

    2 mesi fa

    name song ??

  84. Claudio Montero

    Claudio Montero

    2 mesi fa

    no sabesde futbol

  85. John Lusterio

    John Lusterio

    2 mesi fa

    The Audacity of Maradona 5'5" to lob a keeper with his head. I can't even start to imagine that.

  86. jamesblunt006


    2 mesi fa

    1:06 using the opponent goalkeeper's help and good sportsmanship to get far behind the defense on a throw-in is not "creative" or "smart", it's a simple a**hole move and bad sportsmanship.



    2 mesi fa

    Unforgettable UEFA Champions League Skills!!⭐️ ⭐️ Enjoy the NEW VIDEO! Thank you so much❤️

  88. Fatos & Fotos

    Fatos & Fotos

    2 mesi fa

    Ronaldinho Gaúcho a a Lenda

  89. Jerry Green

    Jerry Green

    2 mesi fa

    The two backheels from Guti are fantastic. He is an underrated midfield-legend.

  90. Itz Strikerr

    Itz Strikerr

    2 mesi fa

    So we ain’t gonna talk about that form on the throw in how illegal it was

  91. Aldo Fitla

    Aldo Fitla

    2 mesi fa

    Maradona with cocain thinks faster than me without drug.



    2 mesi fa

    name of the song pls?

  93. thatREDhotball


    2 mesi fa

    i love socer this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  94. Djess Jein

    Djess Jein

    2 mesi fa

    6:01 wtf

  95. kanwar singh

    kanwar singh

    2 mesi fa

    How the ronaldinho one was not offside

  96. Diego Naya Lazo

    Diego Naya Lazo

    2 mesi fa


  97. Stephen Hicks

    Stephen Hicks

    2 mesi fa

    Music is way to fecking loud.

  98. El Majmun

    El Majmun

    3 mesi fa

    0:43 JFC, what a galaxy brain:)))

  99. Denny Gangmei

    Denny Gangmei

    3 mesi fa

    Even the referee can be a friend....😂 This is only for Messi. 🤫

  100. fabian lazo

    fabian lazo

    3 mesi fa


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