When Hazard Abuses His Magic

👍 When Hazard Abuses His Magic ⚽🔥


  1. あららのなきお


    8 giorni fa

    I love Hazard😍 I love this video too‼️

  2. xen


    15 giorni fa


  3. Juan Antonio

    Juan Antonio

    Mese fa

    For me IS not just one of the BEST players un the world,IS one of the BEST players un the history

  4. You2be


    2 mesi fa

    defender:oke man here he comes hold your ground and dont let him pa... commentator: goooooaaaaal!!! defenders: faaaaaack!!

  5. Krl Rdhn

    Krl Rdhn

    3 mesi fa

    Miss you Eden. 😥😪

  6. Zzixy


    3 mesi fa

    Hazard was the EPL Messi!

  7. Onuoha Udeagha

    Onuoha Udeagha

    4 mesi fa


  8. Ayomide Fasakin

    Ayomide Fasakin

    4 mesi fa

    My top 5 is Messi , Ronaldo ,Neymar ,Hazard then De bruyne IN THAT ORDER

  9. Hassaan Aslam

    Hassaan Aslam

    4 mesi fa

    If art and creativity had a face!

  10. Golden Boss

    Golden Boss

    4 mesi fa

    Este hazard si podia compararse con messi pero ahora en el madrid bajo muchisimo esperemos que logre su mejor rendimiento y la rompa en el real

  11. Dog


    4 mesi fa

    is this a human

  12. Mohammed Kashmiri

    Mohammed Kashmiri

    4 mesi fa

    he was a joy to watch in a blue shirt

  13. Mohammed Kashmiri

    Mohammed Kashmiri

    4 mesi fa

    I miss him in a blue shirt

  14. Fionn Coleman

    Fionn Coleman

    4 mesi fa

    If only he was as good at Madrid 😔

  15. Nazier Natha

    Nazier Natha

    4 mesi fa

    One the best Hazard compilations. Chelsea legend. Just wish he never left.

  16. Gabriel Cesário

    Gabriel Cesário

    4 mesi fa

    Qual o nome ta msc

  17. Mario Lopez

    Mario Lopez

    4 mesi fa

    Hopefully you can do this at Madrid this coming season Hazard. 👍

  18. Đạt Phan

    Đạt Phan

    4 mesi fa

    T thinks hazard better than neymar

  19. luciano riquelme

    luciano riquelme

    4 mesi fa

    Discípulo de Riquelme

  20. Keiter Demente

    Keiter Demente

    4 mesi fa

    Quien fue el jugador que llego al Madrid? por que Hazard no es .

  21. ona


    4 mesi fa

  22. Felipe Rafael

    Felipe Rafael

    4 mesi fa

    Alguém sabe o nome da musica?

  23. Abel Miranda

    Abel Miranda

    4 mesi fa


  24. Leonardo


    4 mesi fa

    Real Madrid 😂😂😂

  25. Suzy Lafollete

    Suzy Lafollete

    4 mesi fa


  26. Chelsea FC

    Chelsea FC

    4 mesi fa

    I miss him at Chelsea FC. Comeback, we have awesome players now. You will make our team better now that we have awesome players.

  27. Yasha Howard

    Yasha Howard

    4 mesi fa

    What an absolut weapon he was for Chelsea, proper world class player.



    4 mesi fa

    Aun si no puedo creer que no brille en el Madrid, hablando deportivamente la premier es más fuerte que las otras ligas, y pos yéndose a la liga española, debío ser un poco más rápido la adaptación, bueno puede que me equivoque, así nv

  29. James Palmer

    James Palmer

    4 mesi fa

    Neymar is besr

  30. Pascal Aernoudt

    Pascal Aernoudt

    4 mesi fa

    Garden of Eden

  31. iFromHell13


    5 mesi fa

    Una lastima que en el real no a podido mostrar toda su magia

  32. Elkoan23 Elkoan23

    Elkoan23 Elkoan23

    5 mesi fa

    What a beast!😭💘 special kind of orgasm 🔥🔥🔥

  33. Adn Van

    Adn Van

    5 mesi fa

    Esto hay que mandarselo a Eden para q recuerde que tiene q hacer en el Real M

  34. Tony J

    Tony J

    5 mesi fa

    Kepa apli zouma TOMORI CHIWILL KAI MOUNT ZY pulisic wener hazard, how do you guys see my information

  35. Francisco Sammy

    Francisco Sammy

    5 mesi fa

    Saudade do hazard no chelsea

  36. Franco Arotaype

    Franco Arotaype

    5 mesi fa

    La ptm le me llega al pincho ese anuncio (celosa yo, no BB yo solo cuido lo que es mío)😠😅

  37. Οδυσσέας Παπαδόπουλος

    Οδυσσέας Παπαδόπουλος

    6 mesi fa

    He said that because this season was one of his worse in his career you would like to come back. Just thing LW hazard ST werner RW zygiets

  38. LifeSteal Channel

    LifeSteal Channel

    6 mesi fa

    Im very happy how chelsea team right now without hazard..bcause chelsea almost like barca..always depend on messi or hazard..if their star player didn put a good show they lose..n many comment says hazard not good at chelsea he got a freedom madrid he always stay at left winger only bcause there is isco who play freedom role..hate to say it but zidane use hazard very wrongly..same at belgium where he got a free role..i think if zidane put back his free role maybe he can become world class player again like at chelsea

  39. Abdi Ato

    Abdi Ato

    6 mesi fa

    I misse U😥 Sorry legend 🤦‍♂️✊🏾❤

  40. Blue Lampard

    Blue Lampard

    6 mesi fa

    Hazard and Mata, good old times

  41. Gazimbo


    6 mesi fa

    messi is the best Hazard: hold my beer

  42. regular male

    regular male

    6 mesi fa

    Chelsea needs hazard back

  43. Motion Ink

    Motion Ink

    6 mesi fa

    I'm hurting watching this I miss eden.

  44. Chelsea supporter

    Chelsea supporter

    6 mesi fa

    Individual brilliance

  45. dzonyyya


    6 mesi fa

    I still can't figure out if he's left-footed, or right? Or both?

  46. CutlerTheCourageous 2

    CutlerTheCourageous 2

    6 mesi fa

    So glad we got the best of him at Chelsea I’ll never forget what he gave us. Once and blue always a blue come back whenever you want to Eden you will always be welcome at Chelsea FC.

  47. muhammad haikal

    muhammad haikal

    6 mesi fa

    Idk why but i start to miss hazard in The Blues shirt again 😢

  48. Muhammad restu

    Muhammad restu

    6 mesi fa

    Really mis him :(

  49. latin.jeremy


    6 mesi fa

    Eden Hazard is a clinical player for Real Madrid. He was crucial in Chelsea's 2015-2016 title. Although he is struggling with Real Madrid, Zidane knows, Hazard knows, and every Madridista knows that Hazard will become a world class player for Real Madrid's 2020-2021 season. He's played incredible since the restart so no possible way he'll won't be incredible next season. #halamadrid #hazard

  50. carlos zuñiga

    carlos zuñiga

    6 mesi fa

    song epic🤙

  51. Julio Aguilar

    Julio Aguilar

    7 mesi fa

    He's not that good player anymore, he only eats all the fat he finds

  52. Umbrella MBSMNF

    Umbrella MBSMNF

    7 mesi fa

    When Hazard abuses his magic,he is hazard

  53. Acap Nasir

    Acap Nasir

    7 mesi fa

    music ?

  54. Richafa Gaming 96

    Richafa Gaming 96

    7 mesi fa

    I think it was a huge mistake for him to leave for Madrid

  55. Wade Ragsdale

    Wade Ragsdale

    7 mesi fa

    Salah over hazard

  56. Brian Joseph

    Brian Joseph

    7 mesi fa

    Come back to Chelsea

  57. dino Clasher

    dino Clasher

    7 mesi fa

    6:06 It's like cristiano ronaldo

  58. Nosakhare paulison

    Nosakhare paulison

    7 mesi fa

    Hazard will always be hazard...and he'll do it at Madrid

  59. Rizwan


    7 mesi fa

    gd luck at madrid legend

  60. Anthony


    7 mesi fa

    Hazard in his glory days 🙌🔥🔥

  61. Sadman sakib Khan Rayyan

    Sadman sakib Khan Rayyan

    7 mesi fa

    Magician Hazard is always A Magician......

  62. 3-6 Jovan

    3-6 Jovan

    7 mesi fa

    Neymar, mane, Salah or anyone else but Messi and Ronaldo will never be better than Eden hazard

  63. Sidemen 10 mill

    Sidemen 10 mill

    8 mesi fa

    I miss him

  64. robert idenya

    robert idenya

    8 mesi fa

    Hazard should come back home. He isn't appreciated at real like he was at chelsea.

  65. Kelvin Addae

    Kelvin Addae

    8 mesi fa

    Hazard could play in the 90s and early 20s

  66. Hang man

    Hang man

    8 mesi fa

    Chelsea F.C.

  67. Hassan Hussein

    Hassan Hussein

    8 mesi fa

    Just watch the goat while your in quarantine



    8 mesi fa

    A god once lived among us

  69. Rabah Taha

    Rabah Taha

    8 mesi fa

    Gladiator 💪👌😅and damn arts

  70. Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas

    Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas

    8 mesi fa


  71. Bright Akachi

    Bright Akachi

    8 mesi fa

    Laliga was meant for Ronaldo and Messi...Gud luck Eden

  72. Jos P

    Jos P

    8 mesi fa

    Well, thanks Drogba for two things at the same time, for winning us the champions league and by which you won us #EH10 to grace our blue colour 💙 !!!

  73. the 4⃣ & 8⃣

    the 4⃣ & 8⃣

    8 mesi fa

    Doesn’t matter he left chelsea...i just want our eden to be back to his best for Madrid now and rule la liga...i need to see him winning ballon d’or

  74. Obamaalterego


    8 mesi fa

    we miss him. HZD 10



    8 mesi fa

    Hazard 17 was lethal

  76. Flor Me

    Flor Me

    8 mesi fa

    Remember the Hazard and Mata combination. Probably my favourite link up ever at Chelsea. Damn Mourinho!

    • Wordsmith Pendragon

      Wordsmith Pendragon

      4 mesi fa

      Costa and Fabregas for me

  77. Carlos Eduardo Andrade

    Carlos Eduardo Andrade

    8 mesi fa

    Muito fraco, jogador de time pequeno.

  78. Sumareh Essa

    Sumareh Essa

    8 mesi fa

    My best ever

  79. Zulkar Nain

    Zulkar Nain

    9 mesi fa

    Come back to chelsea hazard,you are legend the blue army

  80. Abdool Dennis

    Abdool Dennis

    9 mesi fa


  81. Davor Vucic

    Davor Vucic

    9 mesi fa

    Eden is a genius blues forever 👍⚽️

  82. zain rabah

    zain rabah

    9 mesi fa

    What Name This Music

  83. Benjamin Adjei

    Benjamin Adjei

    9 mesi fa

    All the best in Jesus name

  84. Odette Yao

    Odette Yao

    9 mesi fa

    C étai un monstre à Chelsea pouuuua pureeee

  85. Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva

    Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva

    10 mesi fa


  86. Dan Welch

    Dan Welch

    10 mesi fa

    Hazards made a bad choice going to real he could of won the ballon odr at Chelsea

  87. Million subscriber without video

    Million subscriber without video

    10 mesi fa

    His biggest mistake is joining Real Madrid

  88. Gugu Shabangu

    Gugu Shabangu

    10 mesi fa

    Wow he should have stayed

  89. robson lisboa

    robson lisboa

    11 mesi fa

    where is this hazard

  90. Bola bola

    Bola bola

    11 mesi fa

    Meu ídolo.ele pode estar jogando bem ou mal sempre será meu ídolo e também meu estilo de jogo e 100%parecido com o dele.ele pode estar um pouco abaixo da média no real Madrid só que quando ele voltar da lesão vai voltar com tudo podem criticar ele o quanto quiser mais eu nunca vou criticar pq ele é meu idolo

  91. Miguel 0711

    Miguel 0711

    Anno fa

    Hazard muito melhor que Modric

    • Marcos Alejandro Delgado Vargas

      Marcos Alejandro Delgado Vargas

      11 mesi fa

      No se puede comparar un centro campista con delantero pero lo de Hazard es de locos el talento que tiene mi idolo

  92. AWM x8

    AWM x8

    Anno fa

    Stop enjoying his past..

  93. Akeeme Williams

    Akeeme Williams

    Anno fa

    Madrid will never see this hazard

  94. Edy Herman

    Edy Herman

    Anno fa

    One of a kind #coyb

  95. Reachable


    Anno fa

    Watched this vid like 7 times🔥🔥🔥

  96. Kehinde Akinmboni

    Kehinde Akinmboni

    Anno fa

    This is what Chelsea is missing right now

  97. Neil Dickson

    Neil Dickson

    Anno fa

    needs to come back to where he is loved

    • Jace prince

      Jace prince

      Anno fa

      I hate how real Madrid treat him but Chelsea will always love him

  98. RC


    Anno fa

    Hazard is my favorite player

  99. Haruun ciise

    Haruun ciise

    Anno fa

    Viva blues Chelsea

  100. Crew


    Anno fa


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