When Physics Is a Joke In Football

👍 When Physics Is a Joke ⚽🔥

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  1. janduhy araujo

    janduhy araujo

    2 giorni fa

    Faltou o gol de Negrete mexicano Lindo gollllllllllll

  2. fahd kartibou

    fahd kartibou

    5 giorni fa

    Roberto carlos = broly KAMEHAMEHA with feet

  3. Satwik Boina

    Satwik Boina

    6 giorni fa

    God can bend laws of physics. Sorry, zlatan can bend laws of physics



    9 giorni fa

    Le physics: am I a joke to you?

  5. ayman


    9 giorni fa

    i go school, and im telling u, physics is no joke, but these guys must have all got grade 9 in there physics

  6. MangoGaming073


    Mese fa

    I would really love to learnt the science of knuckleballs

  7. Mohd Fakarrudin

    Mohd Fakarrudin

    2 mesi fa

    Faiz Subri

  8. سٌموحّٰ a

    سٌموحّٰ a

    2 mesi fa

    عندما الفيزياء هي مزحه 🤔😁

  9. Taiwo


    2 mesi fa

    Ok but for real how did the ball go in in the very first clip. That was an impossible angle shot if I ever did see one.

  10. V8 Дальнобой по Европе

    V8 Дальнобой по Европе

    3 mesi fa

    Ещё раз доказывает, что Ибра - лучший

  11. Anon Anon

    Anon Anon

    3 mesi fa

    Cr7 GOAT

  12. João Victor

    João Victor

    3 mesi fa

    when physics is a joke and when was it not?

  13. Roan


    3 mesi fa

    4:44 Absolutely stunning

  14. Lester


    3 mesi fa

    when physics isnt a joke: you fällst auf die Fresse hin

  15. Mohit gamer

    Mohit gamer

    3 mesi fa

    When Ronaldo jumps Other players:😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵

  16. Lil Aze

    Lil Aze

    3 mesi fa

    How tf did borgetti score that header vs Italy 😳😐

  17. Afsha Qureshi

    Afsha Qureshi

    7 mesi fa

    Discovery of a new subject : " Anti - physics " Reason : Physics died bcz of this vid ( PIP you poop ) Contents : Daily lives without physics Conclusion : happy students :) , unhappy teachers ( -_- )

  18. Afsha Qureshi

    Afsha Qureshi

    7 mesi fa

    Le* Physics : hey you human , why can't I effect you with my powers ? CR7 : work hard , be determined , focused , devote everything then one day you finally can ... Physics : wat !... wat da fu- CR7 ( interrupts ) : siuuuu !

  19. cozy chomps cozy chomps

    cozy chomps cozy chomps

    7 mesi fa

    The beat is crazy good

  20. Kazakh 7

    Kazakh 7

    7 mesi fa


  21. Akhilesh Kanain

    Akhilesh Kanain

    7 mesi fa

    3:48 🔥🔥🔥

  22. Joshua Flores Vargas

    Joshua Flores Vargas

    7 mesi fa

    Esto es fisica :v nmms

  23. Tiger


    7 mesi fa

    3:55 shaolin soccer in real life

  24. Alavin Siyau

    Alavin Siyau

    7 mesi fa

    For me its a joke i hate science and maths 😁

  25. Kaan


    7 mesi fa

    what's the name of the music??

  26. Salahuddin Minhaj Sirajul Haque Khan

    Salahuddin Minhaj Sirajul Haque Khan

    7 mesi fa

    At 4:42 they are asking king of power to kick a ball🙃

  27. Jo Nightwing

    Jo Nightwing

    7 mesi fa

    Papiss Cisse vs Chelsea?

  28. Jhonathan05pty


    8 mesi fa

    Song 2 music?

  29. Gabog


    8 mesi fa

    halo 5 es mejor

  30. Lupillo Nieves

    Lupillo Nieves

    8 mesi fa

    Alguien que me pueda decir el nombre de la canción del min.2:52 por favor

  31. Jegan XIc

    Jegan XIc

    8 mesi fa

    there are also some incidents in isl,but u guys don't consider isl

  32. Musculus IV

    Musculus IV

    8 mesi fa

    Was waiting for that robwrto carlos freekick the whole video

  33. Rasmus Länts

    Rasmus Länts

    8 mesi fa

    Nothing in this video is against any rules of physics

  34. chem_game


    8 mesi fa

    football is joke in font of science

  35. bedru omer

    bedru omer

    8 mesi fa

    4:49 the goalkeeper's pause says it all

  36. Ibrohimbek Fayzullaev

    Ibrohimbek Fayzullaev

    8 mesi fa

    2:53 the flag of my country. UZBEKISTAN.

  37. Aniruddha Arela

    Aniruddha Arela

    8 mesi fa

    Physics studied Ibrahimovic !!!

  38. Juan Game YT

    Juan Game YT

    8 mesi fa

    Distintos los titulos ah

  39. ADMIN ON


    8 mesi fa

    Ronaldo e fantástico ❤

  40. Yeasir Rajan

    Yeasir Rajan

    8 mesi fa

    Everyone: Physics is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! Ronaldo: Hold my Juventus.

  41. Qwe Rtz

    Qwe Rtz

    8 mesi fa

    Cisses goals missin

  42. Abod Elia

    Abod Elia

    8 mesi fa

    Physics was sleeping in these clips

  43. Mira Minor

    Mira Minor

    8 mesi fa

    what is whith the goal germany vs argentina

  44. Die Wölfe

    Die Wölfe

    8 mesi fa

    I thought this would be about Rocket League, but yeah ok =)

  45. Bq oc

    Bq oc

    8 mesi fa

    That del piero goal makes me shiver

  46. yosy lanza

    yosy lanza

    8 mesi fa

    La física no es una broma amigo.

  47. Quaver


    8 mesi fa

    football is so physic but the foot of the shooters are so anti-biology.

  48. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba

    8 mesi fa

    Do people really think Ronaldo jumps that high? I mean, footballers never had good vertical leaps compared to other athletes but his max is really only around 28 inches. I know middle schoolers that can do that without a running start

  49. Red Nad

    Red Nad

    8 mesi fa

    0:49 how is that related to physics ??

  50. DIEGO Benitez

    DIEGO Benitez

    8 mesi fa

    Como se llama la cansino del minuto 3:40

  51. som ik

    som ik

    8 mesi fa

    это Ибра вам не шутка

  52. ahmad suffian

    ahmad suffian

    8 mesi fa

    and there is faiz subri from malaysia.. winner of puskas award

  53. BamBuK :D

    BamBuK :D

    8 mesi fa

    Физика: Я ЧТО ДЛЯ ТЕБЯ ШУТКА КАКАЯ ТО? Physics : I'm WHAT a joke to you????!

  54. Nahyan Sarwar

    Nahyan Sarwar

    8 mesi fa

    nevertheless, physics is a Joke so is science!

  55. Khushal


    8 mesi fa

    More like - 'when physics slayed'

  56. Goose Man

    Goose Man

    8 mesi fa

    best music on a football video

  57. Ahmed Sallam

    Ahmed Sallam

    8 mesi fa

    Where is kroos corner kick !!!!

  58. Danbu


    8 mesi fa

    Shouldn't this be banned? It's a football video with good music. I feel like this is not allowed.

  59. LcFan96


    8 mesi fa

    everyone: shooting nice goals ibrahimovic: just freestyling on those plebs

  60. Teo Ridley Hart

    Teo Ridley Hart

    8 mesi fa

    CriRo, Ibra, Roberto Carlos, only mightiest, no fucking weak messi

  61. JasvX


    8 mesi fa

    0:43 XD

  62. Approx_Reputation


    8 mesi fa

    Let's be honest we all waited for aroberto Carlos's goal against france

  63. Abeer Fareid

    Abeer Fareid

    8 mesi fa

    How is that guy at 0:33

  64. Alinek


    8 mesi fa

    This just proves that Isaac Newton discovered gravity while being drugged.

  65. Gottado St

    Gottado St

    8 mesi fa

    Why is there no Messi???

  66. ali saad

    ali saad

    8 mesi fa

    عندما الفيزياء هي مزحه 🙂😂 عنوانك يالطيب

  67. Roshan


    8 mesi fa

    Physics isn't a joke... Human understanding of physics is the joke

  68. Leon Victor

    Leon Victor

    8 mesi fa

    Outstanding compilation! (just missing the 2002 World Cup Magician Ronaldinho v England free kick (I might be a biased Brazilian haha))

  69. H00MAN -

    H00MAN -

    8 mesi fa

    *when physics don't do physics*

  70. Ironman


    8 mesi fa

    If you think this is a joke, watch Shaolin Soccer

  71. Mocha


    8 mesi fa

    When Physics is a joke but literally everything can be explained by physics.

  72. Felipe Santos

    Felipe Santos

    8 mesi fa


  73. Nacrogamer


    8 mesi fa

    James, you used to be cool

    • Nacrogamer


      8 mesi fa

      @thenext bigthing I think so, but he needs more minutes

    • thenext bigthing

      thenext bigthing

      8 mesi fa

      Can he still make a successful Madrid career!?!

    • Nacrogamer


      8 mesi fa

      @thenext bigthing i agree

    • thenext bigthing

      thenext bigthing

      8 mesi fa

      James wasn't that bad! I think he is just overlooked

  74. Gio Gio213

    Gio Gio213

    8 mesi fa

    It’s really nice video but it’s sad because they don’t show Hagi shots

  75. Treborianus


    8 mesi fa

    there is not a single goal where physics is a joke. good goals, but clickbait.

  76. MaX


    8 mesi fa

    Great! Now physics is pissed

  77. Jheviza


    8 mesi fa

    cuando no sabes nada física y solo sabes poner un titulo. La fisica no niega esa acción, si tienes la capacidad, energia y potencia para hacerlo, se da, no es cosa de fisica. Escribe de fisica cuando se rompe una ley, obvio imposible

  78. Xavier Quilligana

    Xavier Quilligana

    8 mesi fa

    Falto el de Messi contra el Betis

  79. PHOOL Sho?

    PHOOL Sho?

    8 mesi fa

    Physic left the chat.

  80. Mo L

    Mo L

    8 mesi fa


  81. Kaka Oliveira

    Kaka Oliveira

    8 mesi fa

    4:50 a bola tem vontade propria PUTA QUE PARIU



    8 mesi fa

    No, here physics has not been proved as a joke

  83. Abdul Jawad mak

    Abdul Jawad mak

    8 mesi fa

    Isn't it FIFA 98 theme music..

  84. Okra Spinfrey

    Okra Spinfrey

    8 mesi fa

    It is worth noting for a large portion of International Pro Soccer's history they were using slightly heavier leather balls which were easier to curve resulting in some of these truly breathtaking goals

  85. theadore rockingham

    theadore rockingham

    8 mesi fa

    Bruh I asked my physics teacher to explain the physics behind a knuckleball and he was speechless

  86. ZWIGGL


    8 mesi fa

    Where the fuck is Gerrard

  87. Elias Muñoz

    Elias Muñoz

    8 mesi fa


  88. Lazy Rabbit

    Lazy Rabbit

    8 mesi fa

    Roberto Carlos is a legend.

  89. Nodirbek Makharov

    Nodirbek Makharov

    9 mesi fa

    You have a bug on last goal )) Ibrahimoviç

  90. Dimitris Dimitriadhs

    Dimitris Dimitriadhs

    9 mesi fa

    Next time you can put Vieirinha's shoot with PAOK against Panaitolikos 2018-2019

  91. Disguised Wolf

    Disguised Wolf

    9 mesi fa

    Shooting the ball right in the top corner , jumping really high doesn't make physics a joke , all of them followed each and every rule of physics , if you have the brains to analyse.

  92. Ruijter HD

    Ruijter HD

    9 mesi fa

    the effects are so unnecessary

  93. DACZ


    9 mesi fa

    1:48 Fue porque el portero era chino y no pudo abrir bien los ojos xdxd

  94. king Junior

    king Junior

    9 mesi fa

    Zlatan doesn't know physics Physics knows zlatan 😭😭

  95. Dizzy Popcorn

    Dizzy Popcorn

    9 mesi fa

    Perfect edit w the songs Nice 👌👌

  96. nona evil

    nona evil

    9 mesi fa

    when will the day come where roberto carlos's specific goal vs france isn't in a video like this

  97. DIMON


    9 mesi fa

    Физика это то слово которое не имеет смысла если не в мири то в не футболе уш точно

  98. QD_ Sooviin

    QD_ Sooviin

    9 mesi fa

    0:35 Ronaldo be like huh thats ez

  99. Housam Lefrif

    Housam Lefrif

    9 mesi fa

    man cristiano still doesnt know how to jump, don´t get me wrong he can jump very high but he does that with basic football jumping, if he learns how to jump like a basketball player, it would be air cristiano up in this ......

  100. El Joako

    El Joako

    9 mesi fa

    Faltó Zamorano

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